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Havana is an exciting city with many interesting neighbourhoods. However, to be experience the ‘real’ Havana you need to stay in Habana Vieja. From here you are a very comfortable walk to the best bars and nightlife, and during the daytime you will be living among the real Habanos working in shops, bars, art galleries and going about their daily lives in this atmospheric part of the city.

Havana has a unique distinction, being the safest city in the Caribbean and Latin America generally. There are a number of reasons for this, but what it means for the curious traveller is that you will be able to enjoy unprecedented access to local people as you wander around the ‘barrio’ that makes up Habana Vieja.

Staying in a ‘Casa Particulares’* you will enjoy a homestay experience. Meals are taken in the family dining area, and you will enjoy warm hospitality for which Cubans are well known – in an absence of consumerism, internet and limited TV services Cubans have become the best talkers in the world. The excellent educational system for which Cuba is famed combined with a natural curiosity to learn about the outside world, and a willingness to share insights about what it means to live in Cuba, mean that you will learn a lot from your host family and their friends.

* Casa Particulares are a government licenced ‘private homestay’ accommodation whereby Cubans are permitted to rent out one or two bedrooms in their home to paying guests. Meals are taken in the family kitchen, and you have full use of the house living areas.

Your Casa has been specially selected for its central location in ‘Habana Vieja’ and quality of service. The family understand the expectations of our clients. They are knowledgeable, speak some English, and will be able to give you guidance on what to do during your free time. The father of the owner is a doctor working with a private hospital that services visiting tourists – should you have any medical problems!

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