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This island nation sitting in the Caribbean Sea is home to a diverse range of environments. From rolling hills to tobacco plantations, beaches, coral reefs and tropical rainforests, Cuba holds many of the regions plant and animal species. With more than 20% of the island covered with natural parks, there's much biodiversity here, making it a great place for eco-adventures, hikes, snorkelling and diving.

We will advise the best way – bus, train or taxi – to get to the following exciting destinations;


(mid South West)

Visit Cuba’s famous tobacco farms in Vinales. Surrounded by a unique karst valley, tobacco plantations and atmospheric caves. Vinales is a peaceful, charming town with some of Cuba's most welcoming people.


(South West tip)

Renowned for its diving, idyllic beaches, untouched nature and laidback vibe, Maria la Gorda is the perfect spot to wile away some time under the Cuban sun.


(Eastern tip)

Remote, unique and arguably one of the most beautiful places in Cuba, Baracoa has a wealth of natural gems to discover and swoon over.


(South East tip)

Santiago de Cuba has a revolutionary history and an exciting mix of cultures, which results in a vibrancy in the air and an artistic flair in the streets.


(South East)

Built to stop ongoing raids by pirates, the maze-like streets of Camaguey are slightly confusing, but nevertheless an amazing place of colour, culture and discovery.


(South mid)

Be immersed in the Afro-Cuban rhythms of Trinidad’s music scene. Colourful houses, cobblestone streets, wonderful people, great food and breathtaking vistas over cerulean seas make Trinidad a firm favourite among visitors.



A delightful city referred to as the 'Pearl of the South', Cienfuegos was designed beautifully by the French but emits a definite Caribbean vibe.




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