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Owing to the sanctions imposed by Cuba’s nearest neighbour for over 50 years, many basics that we take for granted are in short supply.  Together with our Cuban partners, we have created an innovative scheme to help deliver real practical assistance to the Cubanos.

We invite all our guests to bring a few kg’s of items from the list below. You can ask family, friends and neighbours to contribute to this effort. We are not asking you to spend money buying these items new – in our experience most households already have some of these items, unused or underutilized…

Arts & Crafts Pens, pencils, paints & brushes and other drawing materials Crafts – adhesive shapes, glitter & jewels, glue, felt and other materials Paper – plain, coloured, colouring in books, labels
Kids Educational Boardgames – traditional (chess, chequers), new (Connect 4, Kerplunk) School supplies – calculators, stationery, school bags Books – picture and number books (Spanish & English), Spanish language reading (all ages)
Sports Equipment Football – balls, boots, clothes Baseball – balls, bats, gloves, clothes Boxing – gumshields, gloves, headgear, clothes
General Play Girls – dolls, accessories, dressing up Balls, Lego, construction games & toys Bicycle accessories and parts
General Other Hygiene – soap, toothpaste & brushes, shampoo, feminine products Clothing – assorted in good condition please, towels, bed linen Musical instruments – parts and supplies, e.g. reeds, valve oil, pads, guitar and bass strings, cables etc

When you arrive at your Casa, your host will sort these items into appropriate themes and explain the strategy for distributing them. Hopefully it may be possible to accompany your host when he makes a delivery of themed items to our donor institutions/partners. It is important when giving that this is done in a thoughtful and sensitive way and we have taken care to ensure that recipients need these items and appreciate our involvement.

By asking around and using up some of your baggage allowance you will making a huge difference to the lives of the people you will be living with during your time in Cuba. You will be AMAZED how little waste there is here – recycling is not a lifestyle choice, it is a way of life.

By bringing some of these items you will feel better about your time here, knowing that you have shared and cared!!

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