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The Charms of Cuba

Cuba the legendary Caribbean island is an exotic travel destination too.  The country is truly alluring for the travelers at heart and you dare not miss a visit to the country. When you consider holidays in Cuba, you are in for an exotic blend of history with that of the contemporary Caribbean life.

Cubans know how to party, when you visit this magical country, you will be surprised to find live music almost at all parts of the country. Similarly, if you are fond of adventure and would want to look for the adventure holidays in Cuba, well, there too, Cuba can provide you with your fair share of adventures. While there are several barriers when it comes to adventure holidays in Cuba, like reliable facilities and transport systems are not available and there can also be a lot of bureaucratic challenges too. However, if you can opt for an adventure holiday package with any of the good and reputed travel agency, and things will be much smoother for you. The travel agents will take care of all the paper works and the bureaucratic documentations so that your vacation is a trouble free one.

Coming back to the holidays in Cuba, here are some exotic and charming places in the country that you must visit:

Unique Havana

Havana, the capital of Cuba is incredibly beautiful. With vast and stunning landscapes along with an electrifying atmosphere, the local life in Havana is always party time. Soak in the sights and the sounds of the city as it works its way into charming you forever.

The Caribbean Beaches

The sand and the sea, the crystalline azure water and the palm lined beaches that sum up the beach side of Cuba. There are several great beaches that are worth visiting like the Baracoa, Cayo Saetia and the Varadero that are worth exploring. Get yourself that lovely tan while having a sun bath next to the vast coastline of the country. You will certainly love the time that you spent here.

Santiago de Cuba

If you are a history fan and like digging up stories about a country and its origin, you ought to make a drop at the Santiago de Cuba. This is the most popular stage for some of the most important struggles of the country. The streets are alive for the entire year and there is also a hedonistic carnival in July that is worth being a part of.

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